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5.- Prayer .

Prayer for the Strength of My Marriage

Loving and merciful God, in this hour of need I come to You with humility and faith in my heart. I beg you to extend your mighty hand over my marriage, blessing us with your divine grace and strength.


Heavenly Father, You who are the origin of true love, I ask you to shed your light on our union. May every day we be able to experience and cultivate the love that you have taught us, a pure, patient and compassionate love. Allow us to understand each other, giving us the patience to overcome challenges and obstacles.


Holy Spirit, divine guide, I implore your presence in our home. May your wisdom enlighten us to resolve our differences with love and understanding. Grant us the ability to forgive as you forgive us, freeing our hearts from any resentment or bitterness that could undermine our union.


I pray that you, loving God, protect our marriage from any outside influence that seeks to divide us. Make us strong against the temptations and difficulties that may arise on our path. Grant us the wisdom to discern what is right, the courage to face challenges, and the humility to seek help when necessary.


I ask you, Lord, to restore harmony and understanding between us. May our union be like a solid fortress, founded on the love and faith that you have shown us through your sacrifice. Grant us the grace to walk together hand in hand, supporting each other every step of the way.


Heavenly Father, I beg you to remove from our marriage any shadow of division, distrust or lack of love. May we renew our commitment to each other every day, strengthening our ties with your loving blessing.


Grant, Almighty God, that our marriage may be a living testimony of your unconditional love in this world. May our union be a reflection of your grace, radiating love, peace and understanding around us.


We trust in your power and goodness, Lord, and we thank you for hearing this prayer. In your infinite mercy, I entrust our marriage to you, trusting that with your help we can overcome any adversity. Amen.

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